ENVRYO is a VR (Virtual Reality) platform that enables simulation of man-portable weapon systems (MANPATS & MANPADS) and advanced equipment. Built around the idea of ‘serious gaming’, the platform is based on off-the-shelf hardware. By interacting with a physical prop, users can view and operate weapons and equipment in VR. It provides a portable, cost-efficient solution to simulate a complex menu structure and operating procedure of any existing or in-development equipment.

ENVRYO full scale VR environments.
ENVRYO dual render targets (simultaneous views).

Efficient Alternative

Traditionally, modern shoulder-fired weapons require a trainer. Essentially, ENVRYO provides the same functionality as a trainer system, but offers graphics fidelity and detail which are simply an entire generation ahead of modern trainers. Furthermore, the system offers extremely agile and effortless switching of the training environments and conditions. Additionally, both the main VR screen (what a user sees) and the view through the command launch unit are duplicated on a large screen (or projector). This allows the instructor to see and identify mistakes and to provide quick feedback. ENVRYO is best fitted before training exercises. It can significantly improve the proficiency and familiarity with a system, reducing training costs and making exercises more efficient.

control sources

output views

kilometers line of sight

Modern Graphics

ENVRYO is based on one of the leading video game and simulation computer graphics engines. What we also did, was further modify the rendering pipeline of the engine to allow incredibly detailed environments to run on the high fps (frames-per-second) and high resolutions required for VR. Many of these advancements were based on our own R&Ds, some dating back to 2008. More than 10 years ago, through custom low-end shaders, custom texture compression and manual batching and batch feeding techniques we were able to run advanced environments at 700+ frames per second on a then-moderate hardware. Today, by porting these same techniques, we can run high-end environments at 90+ fps and at full resolution (far beyond what we had 10 years ago), which many other companies still struggle with, even with top-of-the-line hardware.

ENVRYO detailed VR interiors and environments.
frames per second

render views

million polygons

With years of experience in building virtual worlds, Archydra GmbH can fully modify and assemble the environments in ENVRYO to your requirements. We are a content creation company with a long legacy in computer graphics and real-time projects.

Archydra GmbH also offers 3D-scanning and 3D-modeling services. We can scan, model, remodel and materialize any content, whether it’s a prop, equipment or object and incorporate it into the virtual worlds of ENVRYO.

Last but not least, we can code in any behavior or content into ENVRYO. Whether it’s a simulation of the internal menu structure of a system, firing behavior or any sequence or situation, we can seamlessly integrate it into the platform.

Key Features

ENVRYO is a capable platform that directly addresses typical usage scenarios. As such, the core requirements and features for these scenarios are already built-in. Naturally, the platform enables further modification and additional functionally, should these be required for a specific equipment.

ENVRYO vehicles and advanced AI.

Vehicles & AI

Built-in support for enemy and ally vehicles (air and land), as well as characters, with advanced AI. Vehicles have realistic physics and destruction.

ENVRYO dynamic night vision and IR view.

IR & Night Vision

Through modifications in the rendering pipeline, the platform is capable of simulating night vision, IR and other sensor views.

ENVRYO dynamic environments and time of day.

Dynamic Environments

Environments are lit dynamically and support time of day, night cycle and modifiable conditions, all adjustable in real-time.

Other Features

ENVRYO inherits many of the main features of modern graphics engines. While some of these may sound diminutive nowadays, making sure these do not produce overhead and do not impact performance at the high frame rates required for VR is still a challenge.

Physical Movement

The VR platform enables full freedom of movement of the user within pre-set physical dimensions (up to a few meters).

Surface Types

Support for realistic material types and surface properties. I.e. Impact sounds, particles and surface friction can be defined accordingly.

Mission Control

Various mission parameters can be controlled by an operator. AI behavior can also be altered in real-time.

Breakable Objects

Full support for breakable objects and destroyable vehicles. Destroyed parts support dynamic physics simulation.

Atmospheric Effects

The platform supports simulation of various atmospheric effects which alter the visibility and the environment conditions in a realistic way.

Level of Detail

The graphics fidelity can be altered (and in fact, it is self adjusted automatically) to run on various hardware.

Dynamic Lights

The rendering pipeline is based on dynamics lights and shadows. Lights and headlights can be switched on and off.

Particle Effects

Full support for effects such as smoke, fire, dust, tyre trails and various water effects, which can also be affected by a simulated wind.

3D Sound

Support for 3D sound (in accordance to the user’s position), which creates a more immersive VR experience.

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